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Industry Learning
Connect with retail banking resources. Learn from thought leaders. Get up-to-date on the latest trends.
Retailers need knowledge to succeed in the Digital Economy. Get training and insights from retail leaders.
Restaurants can grow in an omnichannel environment. Get facts, insights and ideas on the restaurant industry.
Stay up-to-date on trends within the hospitality industry. Watch training videos from thought leaders.
Find online training videos. Connect with telecom learning resources. Get facts, ideas and insights.
Browse research, watch videos and connect with thought leaders in the travel industry. Stay up-to-date.
Learning Topics
What's new and next? Get the facts on emerging technologies. Watch videos and learn from innovators.
Stay up-to-date on the trends and stats that impact your business and career. Manage your research.
Learn from leaders and legends. Gain insights from thought leaders by industry and areas of expertise.
Explore management topics and trends. Watch training videos and connect with management resources.
Stay up-to-date on marketing topics and trends. Get the facts on marketing tactics. Learn from thought leaders.
Take a deep dive into the digital economy and discover what it means for your business and industry.


Manage research, learning and skills at NCR Works. Create an account using LinkedIn to manage and organize your omni-channel knowledge. NCR Works is like a shopping cart for information -- helping you to save, discuss and share.

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