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NCR Works provides learning tools and resources to help government to work in a digital environment. Manage government research, learning and skills. Connect with trusted resources and thought leaders within the public sector. Get up-to-speed and stay up-to-date.

Government Learning
What's coming next? Stay up-to-speed on the trends affecting government.
Get insights and facts on E-governance. Learn from thought leaders.
Learn about government IT modernization. Watch videos from thought leaders.
Get the facts on government cyber security. Get insights from experts.
Learn about customer service in the government sector. Learn from thought leaders.
Get facts, insights and ideas on efficiency in government. Learn from experts.
Government Topics
Get the facts on the aerospace industry. Learn from thought leaders.
Get the facts on the defense industry. Connect with defense industry resources.
Get the facts, watch videos and find resources on US federal agencies.
Local government resources. Get facts, explore news and watch videos.
Stay up-to-date on government automation trends. Get news and facts.


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